Covid 19 update:

Firstly, our main priority is as always to provide good clean facilities to the Ridgewood Community Centre Users. To protect the health and wellbeing of all users we have at Ridgewood and to protect our valuable staff team and their families.

Covid cases are currently quite high in this area, and we are trying to manage the above priorities alongside the end to the government’s plan B restrictions.

The Ridgewood Centre continue to request all visitors to site to wear face masks. Wearing masks continues to be our best line of defence to avoiding the spread of viruses. So please support us with this.

Ridgewood staff continue to test regularly to ensure that they are fit and well to be onsite. If you are unwell, please do test before coming to site. We have never stopped our covid cleaning and will continue to do this.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support through this very difficult time.